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The Power to Purge

Some of my organizing clients have told me that they lack the motivation to purge and asked how to deal with that. They thought there was some YouTube video or book to read that would suddenly motivate them to toss things they’ve been holding onto for silly reasons or no reason at all, just in case. Sometimes videos and books do work for people and there are plenty of those available.

However, in my experience thus far, the best way to become motivated to purge…is to purge. I know. That seems unrealistic. How do you find the motivation to do something you are completely unmotivated to do so that you will feel the motivation to do it? Here is my advice….

Start Small to Create Your First “Win”

Pick something small, like a single drawer or a cluttered shelf, and quickly decide you are going to sort and purge it. Act on it immediately so your brain doesn’t have time to talk you out of it. Brains will do that, ya know! You need a “win” to make you want to keep doing it.

There is a feeling of accomplishment that you get from doing something that you KNOW needed to be done but you didn’t want to do, a sort of “purging high“, if you will. Once you have sorted and purged that one small thing, you will feel this purging high. Run with it! That is your motivation!

Basically, MAKE YOURSELF DO IT and you will feel accomplished and satisfied and actually WANT to continue! Not to mention the extra space you will discover after purging will make you feel great!

This was my little purge this past Tuesday, that I completely didn’t want to do because it was leftover stuff in my garage from a yard sale and it was HOT outside. But, I made myself bag it up, load it into my van, and immediately drive it to the donation place and I was SO GLAD I did! There is much more space in my garage! Now, I walk through my garage and think about other little spots I could clear out a bit! I’ve already done a drawer in my bathroom and a cabinet in my kitchen, just from the motivation earned from doing that little area in my garage!

Toss Ten Tuesday

Every Tuesday, I do “Toss Ten Tuesday” and find ten items in my home to donate, recycle, or trash. It’s a great way to beat that “I have no motivation to purge” feeling. Plus, after a while of doing this consistently every week, you’ll start to feel more organized just because there isn’t as much clutter laying around!

JUST PURGE! You’ll be glad you did!

Happy Organizing!

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